I know, it can be annoying to not see the price tag on something. I'm often suspicious if I don't see the price up front. They just want my contact info so they can send me endless spam. Don't worry, I am not creating a database of leads and will never solicit you. (Also, as a Canadian, I am legally bound not to under Canada's anti-spam legislation.) Also, I have neither the time nor inclination for such activitiesand I got enough of that as a recruiter. 

There are a few reasons I don't put detailed pricing directly on the website, but I can give you some ballpark figures. A lot of work goes into producing a quality book. Naturally, different projects demand different amounts of time and work. The smallest projects cost around $1000* with the full LifeStory costing $5000.

If you are interested in having your own book or interested to learn more about my process, please email me and I will readily reply with a Pricing Sheet. I should send you a PDF containing the information within one business day of receiving your request. If I do not reply, please use the online contact form as it is set up with an automatic reply that includes the PDF.

As you can see on the Process page, it takes the better part of a month to put together and deliver a Mimoir. Please keep this in mind (as well as the subject's time commitment and availability) when planning your Mimoir, especially if it is a gift.

Value is not made of money, but a tender balance of expectation and longing.
— Barbara Kingsolver

* Prices are in USD unless the Mimoir subject's permanent residence, citizenship and the billing address are in Canada, in which case they are in CAD. Payment of 50% the total fee is required at the start of the project, with the remaining half due one week after delivery.