Anatomy of a Mimoir

I wrote my first Mimoir as a gift to my mother. Interestingly, many years ago she had commissioned a filmmaker who produces "Your Life" videos to make one for my Dad. We showed it to him (and everyone) at his birthday party to great acclaim. So it was only fair she get the first Mimoir. 

During the process I learned a lot about both my Mom and my Dad, and much more about my family history. I also learned a few things about myself. Some things I had known long ago but since forgotten, others were brand new to me. So not only did my first client love the finished product, it was a great experience for me. This strengthened my resolve to bring this to other people.

As we live on opposite sides of the Pacific, we did all of our interviews over Skype. We did five sessions, ranging in length from around half an hour to just over 90 minutes. I figure we talked around 7 hours in total, but we also veered off topic to discuss others matters from time to time.

Something else I did not foresee was the interest of others—those outside our family—in my Mom's book. But there was certainly interest, and few friends ordered copies as well (with her permission of course).  Who you want to share your story with is, of course, totally up to you.

All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does, and that is his.
— Oscar Wilde