Experience Along the Way

I've read, reviewed and revised thousands of resumesfor other people. Nobody likes writing them andguess what!nobody likes reading them, not to mention that most resumes treat the truth like bubblegum. So rather than putting together a few pages of embellished bullet-points that most people won't read, here's a snapshot of some of the the things I've done. (However, if you're really interested in a more detailed background you can visit my LinkedIn profile.)

While this may seem like an eclectic mish-mash of experience, they are in fact the perfect ingredients for creating personally-crafted memoirs.

For 8 years, through the course of thousands of resumes and interviews, I sharpened my abilities to identify the germane, highlight the essentials and cut to the chase.

While there was not a lot of room for creativity, my years as a Technical Writer certainly allowed me to hone my writing skills.

Teaching is a truly noble vocation. From undergrads in Vancouver to Underoos in Nagano, the fundamentals don't change. And I learned much from them both.

Bartending can range from slinging pints on a patio for quarter tips to a Manhattan mixologist pulling down six figures a year. Like most, I fell somewhere in the middle, and loved every minute.

For most of a decade I was a freelance web designer at a time when most execs viewed websites as a gimmick rather than a cornerstone of business. Almost as tough a sell as personalized memoirs.

Inglorious summer jobs in factories, warehouses and manual labour (such as roofing) build characterand callouses. They are also great motivators to further educate oneself.

A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.
— Mark Twain